Continuous Call for Papers: MidoNet Online Meetups

We’re continuously looking for presentations on topics related to MidoNet for our MidoNet Online Meetups!

If you would like to present, please get in touch with Sandro Mathys at your earliest convenience. Just a line or two about your (rough or early) idea is good enough to get things started, we can then work on the details and a full abstract together. Please note that we accept proposals starting immediately and that this CFP is of continuous nature, i.e. it has no due or end date. We’ll probably host only just one presentation per meetup, but we can host as many virtual meetups as we want! Therefore, we also gladly welcome several proposals by the same speaker.

Of course, the topic is up to you and as long as it’s related to MidoNet, it’s unlikely we’ll turn your proposal down. Also, you’re quite free to choose the length and form of your session as well as what audience you’re targeting. Different approaches might work for different people, so we’re happy to try various things and see what works best!

The medium will likely be Hangouts on Air, which we’d augment with a chat room to allow for questions from all viewers despite Hangouts’ limit of 15 active participants. This way, we can have an unlimited number of watchers and still make it interactive. This will also allow for an easy transition to open discussions among all participants after the session.

We’re looking forward to your proposal(s)!


Sandro Mathys

MidoNet Community Manager with a background in Java Software and Linux Systems Engineering. Based in Tokyo, Japan and the internet.


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