More than 100 people joined MidoNet Community Event in Tokyo

Three months after Midokura open-sourced MidoNet, we had our first MidoNet community event in Tokyo on February 16th.  The first part of the event was for MidoNet users and the second part was for developers.  The event was a huge success with 100+ people, great discussions, and of course, sushi & beer.

The user event opened with the presentation by Tatsuya Kato of Midokura, introducing MidoNet’s history.


Kato-san speaking at the MidoNet event in Tokyo



Etsuji Nakai of Red Hat Japan followed and talked about MidoNet’s architecture in detail.  We moved on to a MidoNet user panel discussion with Fujitsu, KVH and Midokura (MidoCloud).  Next up, Nobuyuki Tamaoki of Virtual Tech Japan presented how to install MidoNet with Orizuru, an installation tool of MidoNet utilizing Docker containers.  The event was wrapped up by a speech from Dan Dumitriu about the future of MidoNet.

The audience especially enjoyed the user panel, where panelists shared their experiences operating MidoNet, and also how MidoNet compares with other products, such as VMWare NSX.


User panel at the MidoNet Tokyo event



Developer event started with the introduction to MidoNet and then MidoNet deepdive by Taku Fukushima, a core developer of MidoNet from Midokura.  After opening beer and having Sushi, we welcomed Lightning talk about BGP setting of MidoNet by Keiichi Kobayashi of ADOC and finale was the  L4 Load Balancer demo by Ryu Ishimoto and Joe Mills by Midokura.


We had a great audience, including a few Neutron active contributors: Naturally we got into active Q&A and many questions were raised, such as “How Midolman behaves when it receives packet during live migration?”


According to the after survey, we had positive feedback and constructive suggestions about the next community event.

  • 90% of attendees answered that they were satisfied and enjoyed the event.
  • Drawing out the comments what specifically attendee enjoyed:
    • Detailed explanation about MidoNet distributed architecture
    • Future roadmap
    • Many honest feedback about using MidoNet by users at panel discussion, such as comparison with OvS, NSX
    • Why open-sourced MidoNet
    • MidoNet history
    • Enjoyed the talk by real developers at the MidoNet Deep dive
    • LB demo
  • Request for the next event
    • Hands-on
    • Roadmap
    • Updates about MidoNet ecosystem, features
    • Detailed numbers showing the stability of running MidoNet, such as how much the environment can scale, # of switches, # of flows.  Trouble examples.
    • Continuously updating the MidoNet use cases, large scale user story
    • Like the LB demo, would like to see the MidoNet feature demo by developers with the explanation how and why the feature demo is great.

The second community event will coming sometime late April or early May.  If you are in Tokyo, stay tuned!



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