New MidoNet Community Manager: Sandro Mathys

This self-introduction is long overdue, so here we go! My name is Sandro Mathys and I’m the new MidoNet Community Manager at project-sponsor Midokura. As such I’m exclusively tasked with fostering our young community! Doing so, I keep myself busy spreading the word about MidoNet, and facilitating collaboration in the project among many other things. Frankly, I’m currently somewhat the community’s maid of all work (that no other contributor is picking up). That said, please don’t expect that I’m an expert in everything or even just equally good at everything. I’m most certainly not – and that’s why we need YOU! Looking forward to collaborating with all of you, even the smallest contributions count. See you on MidoNet Slack or on one of our mailing lists!

About myself

In case you’re wondering about myself, I’m a 30-year old Swiss based in central Tokyo, Japan. Professionally, I’ve worked both as a Java Software and a Linux Systems Engineer in the past. In the latter role, I’ve first come in touch with clouds and even participated in an OpenStack proof of concept project. Furthermore, I’m a long-standing contributor to the Fedora and RDO projects, and have been involved with the OpenStack and Puppet OpenStack communities. For more details about my career, check out my LinkedIn profile or my online resume.

Geek by day and night, I consider myself a digital citizen. When I don’t do any of the above or other tech-geeky things like playing video games, I enjoy travelling, photography, cooking and hiking a lot. If you’d like to follow or reach out to me: I’m @red_trela on Twitter, +SandroMathys on Google+, red-trela on GitHub, and red on MidoNet Slack. And yes, it’s totally okay to call me red, in case you didn’t get the hint! Hopefully, my personal blog as well as my picture gallery will see more love again soon, too. Of course, you can also simply drop me an old-fashioned email!

Looking forward to meeting and working with you either on- or offline!


Sandro Mathys

MidoNet Community Manager with a background in Java Software and Linux Systems Engineering. Based in Tokyo, Japan and the internet.


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